Embedding Waves into your Blogs & Websites

One of the really cool features of Wave is that you can display selected waves in your website or blog. The waves will be live which means participants can interact with the wave, start discussions, post private replies, use extensions, etc. just as they would at wave.google.com.

Why would you want to embed waves?

  • You want to make some parts of your website interactive but want to keep the rest of the site read-only
  • You want to restrict the access for some pages of your website/blog - you might have the class notes and reading materials posted for all to view but the discussions and assignments can be accessed only by the class partcipants
  • You want to use extensions in your blog/websites - maybe post a receipe or tutorial and embed a wave which lets users vote on it
  • You want to let your users share photos/videos and hold discussions without leaving your website

Here are a few examples of integrating waves into your blog/site:

And you can follow the instructions here to embed the waves: