Why Use Google Wave?

The first thing I noticed about Wave is that it combines the best of email, groups, chat, and photo/video sharing sites (Check the image below for a quick comparison). 

Here's how Google Wave was used to replace four different tools used by an online class I participated in. Before Wave, here's what we did:

  • Get all participants to join a Group, private photo sharing site, and a video site
  • Set preferences in Groups to forward new messages to my email
  • Start discussions on email
  • Add photos and ask participants (via email) to go to the photo sharing site to add comments
  • Log on to photo sharing site to view comments
  • Follow the same process for videos
  • Go to Group to upload shared files/links

Now, we just use Google Wave for all these tasks. :-)


Check out these links for tips and tricks on how to use Google Wave:

Comparing Google Wave