How to use Google Wave with Discussion Groups

You can use your Google Groups alias as a participant in a wave. This will make the wave accessible by all members in the group. Also, when you add new members to the group, they will be able to access all previous waves.

You can create a new Google Group by going to

Your group settings will determine who can view the waves sent to the group. If you select Anyone can view the content, the group waves can be viewed by anyone. If you select only members can post messages, wave users will have to subscribe to your group before they can interact with your group waves.

Here are a few groups you can join:

Artists on Google Wave
Teachers on Google Wave
Students on Google Wave
Bloggers on Google Wave


Watch this video for more info on locating waves sent to your group:

Here's how you can create a new wave using the Group Profile:

You can also create custom new waves using these installers (opens in Wave).