How to use Google Wave for Online Classes

Wave is perfect for online classes since it offers a single platform for participants to share ideas, embed media, and interact with each other.

Here are some tips on holding an online class using Google Wave: 

  • Check the Organizing your Waves section on some Admin tasks that need to be done before the class starts. This will help your students find the class waves easily.
  • Create a 'Welcome Wave' for the class and include:
    • links to important waves for the class (class outline, how/when assignments will be posted)
    • instructions on the tags participants need to use
    • Share the Google Wave Tutorial with the participants before the class starts so that they can get comfortable using Wave. Have a getting started section in the class website where participants can post any other questions they may have.
    • Use extenstions to increase interaction. For example, you can start with an ice-breaker like the Where is Everyone from? wave which allows participants to introduce themselves and show everyone where they are from. Check the Templates on Wave section for more extensions you can use.
    • If there are any articles or videos that you don't want participants to edit, create a wave, add the class group as a read-only participant and ask them to create new waves to discuss the contents. 

    Read Only

    If you offer an online class using Google Wave, please send me the link to your class and I'll feature them on my website.